I’m a migrator, and you can be too! I’m a Linux administrator (RHCE6, RHCSA7), working primarily inside of the cPanel model, and have been doing data migrations for more than 7 years, which is like 70 in server years.

This site is geared towards server administrators who need to deal with moving data between servers to accomplish an OS upgrade, hardware refresh, migration to a new hosting service or platform, or to clone sites to a staging servers. Hopefully you will find a few ideas about how to migrate websites in general, as well as dealing with a few sticky situations or tricky operations to get the new environment just right.

The posts are split into categories by theme and stage, and articles are also labeled in relation to your technical prowess. Low-Tech articles are still pretty tech-y, but efforts are made to shade them in a more universally understandable manner. High-Tech articles will have more code, stories of discovery, specialized tools and methods, in-jokes, and the like.